Fountain Flat Trading Post and Gas Bar services:

Gas and diesel at great prices
Air for tires
Lottery tickets

Hot and cold drinks
Hot and cold snacks
Tobacco products
Free Wi-Fi
Phone line for local calls
Great selection of groceries
Warm welcome
Picnic table with a million dollar view!
NEW! Fountain Flats Art Gallery

Fountain Flat Trading post also offers superb views of
Fountain Gorge from our viewing area (see right)

Relax, take your time and look around...

Fountain Flats Trading Post is now better than ever. Don't just fill up on our great gas prices,
but take your time, relax and explore the Trading Post and it's newest developments...
First Nations Art Gallery
Our new second building, a beautiful log cabin, is now home to a fantastic collection of localised native art. Although in its early days the gallery will expand greatly over coming months and will become a showcase for the very
best talent in local art.
This summer the Art Gallery will play host to a series of FREE workshops and talks, click here for more information.

Picnic Area
The Fountain Flat Trading Post is situated right on the Fraser River, with stunning vistas and tranquil surroundings. What better way to make the most of the area, than a place to relax and soak up the natural history. Take a short walk behind the Trading Post for breathtaking views of the Fraser Gorge. Buy some snacks form the well stocked trading post, sit at the picnic table that has the best view in Canada and relax before continuing your journey.

Same reliable service!
As well as all the new additions, you'll still be able to get your groceries, coffee, gas and smile when you visit Fountain Flat Trading Post and Gas Bar. Some things never change, and good service is one thing we have as our top priority.

COMING SOON - Showers!
Long drive? Been camping and living in the woods? Then you'll require a good shower! Currently under construction is the Fountain Flat Trading Post Shower Room, we will be offering cheap, hot showers for travellers, truckers and anyone in need of refreshment!



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